It is in dire need of an update for the new year. Believe me; I know. So much has happened this past eighteen months! We emigrated to Australia from the UK. And since we landed, we moved house three times. We have many pictures to add to these pages. 

I guess it'll have to be one of my New Year's resolutions. ;)


You can find pix from our trip in Canada over the Christmas Holidays (Year 2000/01) here. I know I went back since then (Summer 2001) but the pix aren't scanned and ready yet. Bear with me.

Preliminary pictures of our new house!

Look what we found - could this be my brother's first website? Lovingly restored for you all to see - the original is still at

Our latest overseas trip: New-Zealand. Read our travel journal here

Uncensored version here. ;)

Special thanks to Rebecca for some of the designs. She's an amazing artist. Go check out her 'slice of the web'!


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